FOR SALE - Suzuki GSXR1100

Suzuki GSXR1100


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  • 1100
  • 19,878
  • Blue/White
  • REG
  • G38LAW

Apparently, people spend an average of just 15 seconds looking Mona Lisa at the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum of Art estimates that their visitors look at each work for 32.5 seconds. I'm not a betting man but I'd wager that you could park this anywhere and people would spend a lot longer than that gawping at it - it is SO clean. If you consider the GSXR1100 a work of art (and who doesn't) then this masterpiece has got to represent an outstanding investment. A lot cheaper than a Rembrandt - and you can't ride a painting! This example is a stunner - the phrase "Cleaner than a surgeon's fingernails" has been used! A lot of time and money has been spent on this appreciating classic - and it shows. Park in next to your mate's brand new bike and...yep, they'll all be looking at this. 

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